SANSEA Objectives
SANSEA’s main aim is to strive for a better and safer future for all South Africans
  • To be the watchdog of the security industry
  • To promote actively the interests and image of the South African guarding industry
  • To build and maintain a stable membership that represents the guarding industry in South Africa
  • To promote the development of an industry in which employees will find rewarding employment
  • To constantly upgrade the standards of service
  • To speak as one voice on behalf of members in the negotiation of wages and service conditions
  • To support improvements in law and administration and to promote beneficial legislation or other measures affecting the Association as well as the security industry in general
  • To offer its services in the event of any dispute related to the guarding industry
  • To co-ordinate the views and actions of the various areas of the guarding industry with a view to promoting an awareness of the need for consistently high standards of security in the interests of our country
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