News From SIA


It seems that several actions are taking place, apart from different other options still in discussion.

  1. Seth Mogapi has been suspended on Tuesday and Ntusi Mbodla is currently acting.

  2. Director Jaco Bothma and Director Riaan van Staden is heavily involved in different aspects around PSIRA.  Two legs will be formed.


(Director Jaco Bothma)

  • Compliance requirements by the current firearm inspectors


(Director Riaan van Staden)

  • Starting of Security Service Providers Forum under each Police Station.

  • Liaison with Industry

The following issues was also mentioned.

  • Renewal Process (Service Providers and Security Officers) I mentioned that this could only be considered when the databases are integrated.

  • Uniforms, vehicles and markings of vehicles??  (Still try to understand what the real issue is about

  • Levies Act?

Some progress on

  • Provident Fund – A full time task team has been formed in SAPS to deal with defaulters.

  • Two different Commissioners (Munu and Els) were commissioned to deal with the wanted list.

  • The rerun on the Security Officers active database indicated in excess of 54 000 of the +350 000 are claiming social grants.


  • SAPS indicated a need for sophisticated enhancing technology to be used for enhancing CCTV images.  Any interest, please contact me.

  • South African National Standard for CCTV equipment etc to be developed.  I have discussed with ESDA Executive Committee already.

  • Honeydew pilot project should be completed during June 2008.

  • Company Database in progress