New SDF service :
Did you know that all registered companies within South Africa are entitled to claim back a portion of their SDL (Skills Development Levies), that they have paid during 2009, from the Government? This is known as the Mandatory Grant.
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Fleet discounts for SANSEA Members:
Barlow World Fleet Marketing and Security Alliance have entered into a partnership where members will benefit from fleet discounts.
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Government Gazette: Amendment of Sectorial Determination:
Basic Conditions of Employment Act, No 75 of 1997. Amendment of Sectorial Determination 6: Private Security Sector, South Africa
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Welcome to SANSEA

The South African National Security Employers’ Association (SANSEA) is the result of two associations, one in Natal and the other in the Transvaal (TEASS), amalgamating and officially formed in 1982.

SANSEA’s main aim is to strive for a better and safer future for all South Africans.

Members of the Association carry its distinctive logo and users of security should be on the lookout for it, as a sure sign of quality service.

The Association is the only recognized body representing the employers in the guarding industry. It covers both static and mobile guards, as well as those engaged in the protection of cash and valuables in transit. At present, SANSEA is the voice of the guarding industryand is represented on a national basis in all the provinces of South Africa.

All the authorities recognize it as the sole spokesman for guarding employers. Our symbol, carried by all registered members of SANSEA, is your guarantee.

In setting and monitoring standards, SANSEA ensures that the guarding industry is able to play a meaningful role in the national security of our country- please see SANSEA's objectives

The Association is, with the increased demand being made on the industry by users of security, and its rapid growth, committed to a policy of development and contribution to what is rapidly becoming one of the most prominent and influential sectors of the economy.

The Association is committed to dealing with current and relevant issues.